Thursday, May 5, 2011


When to Bandungfor the first time and i'm very excited with the vac..went there with my sis and friends make me a new experience discover Bandung as mention by people as "Paris Van Java" shopping heaven.Will be lots of shopping spree there..

Take off from KLIA on 12 noon and reached Bandung on 1.10 pm..Maneged to pass the immigration and stuck with the airport luggage system...Bandung weather not so good as it rains for an hour while waiting Pak Tam our tour guide at there..Welcome by him and straight to Hotel Rumah Tawa for check in..After that 3.30 pm all of us went to Toko 3 the famous store that provide lots of original jeans to be choose..The most attract is Levi's..The price compare to Malaysia are way more cheaper..With IDR 299.000 you will get 505,512 and for 501 starting from IDR 400,000 to 899.000...Make it easy..all the price are below RM 340.For Levi's lover do bring your money and its worth it..

From there we went to the stall to buy the prepaid sim card for our ease..Trying The Botol and its a lil bit bitter and its a famous drink for locals.

Then we had our dinner at Karamba a Sundaness cuisine..the price are affordable and mostly similiar to Malaysian food..

Off early to had a long sleep for tomorrow schedule ;)

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