Monday, May 2, 2011

Bandung Day 5

Off early from Rumah Tawa for check out and straight to Kartika Sari one of the famous bakery beside Amanda..Worth it for buying there as the taste of the brownise are perfect for me.Recommended the choco chip bake brownise.All of the cake and pastry are mouthwatering.

From there all of us straight to the airport to check in....One of the thing that u guys should know is to prepered IDR 75,000 (RM30) as per person tax before living Bandung.

I'm facing problem as our luggage exceed the MAS limit and had to pay IDR 400,000 for 7 Kg...Quite frustrated after negotiate to the staff due on the issue.
The flight aboard on 2.10 pm and arrived at KLIA on 5.00 pm..

Hoping for more travelling in the future ;)

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