Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trip to Kelantan

Hye guys..im back from a long vacation ;)...i will review my trip to Kelantan and Pulau Perhentian...as we 8 of us departed from Kl we arrived at Kelantan around 10.15 a.m...a tired journey we had ahaha..then we went for our breakfast and Taba bing us to a local restaurant famous with their nasi lemak..different from other nasi lemak..this nasi lemak used "beras bathi" which turns the rice much longer than ordinary rice..then we went to Taba house and rest for a while.After we had our lunch around 2.30 then we went to Pantai Cahaya Bulan..the breeze makes us cant wait to go to Perhentian ..then after walk along the beach we bought sata and otak2 while enjoyed our high tea by having coconut water...then friends of us Hamidah and Sara arrived..from there we went to Hamidah house and Sara..Then we went to Wakaf Che Yea which loacted nearby Kota Bahru..we went to the night market(downtown and uptown at Kl)..we searching few things for the next day..we planning to have bbq at Perhentian..

The next day..we wake up early and prepared as after breakfast we will ahead to Perhentian..After meet up with Dato' Husam Musa (Taba father) we went straight to Kuala Besut to meet our friend Fahmi there.Around 11 o'clock we arrived.The are few misunderstanding for our group as one of the worker have wrongly book our chalet at Mama chalet..About 1 p.m we arrived at Pulau Perhentian Besar and quiet shock as the boatman send us at Suhaila chalet..feel been cheated all of us dont have any choice..rm 50 per night quiet worth for us..that evening Fudin be the first to swim at Perhentian while others prepared for the Bbq and rest..What a Saturday night for us as we had our Bq and baked potatoes..

Sunday...as planned by Pak Aziz (Tokeyh Mama Chalet) he asked for us to take all our stuff and moved to his chalet..happy for us to heard that.. after check in we had our breakfast..ommelete cheese not so yummy as its to oily and doenst looks like an ommelete.after that we had our snorkeling and we end up by meet our friends Fadzilah with her family..then we went to Pulau Kecil..Longbeach and walawei..longbeach much happening then Perhentian Besar..we had our luch and rest at the beach ...then we swim and plays with the water ;).

Monday..last day at Perhentian..we checkout from the chalet on 11.30 a.m..all of us pay the bills and total is Rm930 and its way out of our budget..thank God all of us haave cash instead using credit card...honestly our night at Suhaila is much bettr than Mamas..for u guys I suggest dont go to Mama if u are a backpackers..there are lots of cheaper chalet then Mama..

That evening we left Kelantan with thousand of memory happy, sad and unsatisfied..farewell Kelantan till we meet again next time....;)

......Budget for backpackers for 3D2N at Pulau Perhentian (Kecil)......

: Rm 60-70 for speedboat to Perhentian
: Rm 30 for snorkeling trip ( equipment include )
: Rm 60-80 for one night chalet
: Rm 15 for lucnh
: Rm 10-15 for taxi
: Rm 50 for fun ;)

Please note that all of this budget is the highest so its good for u guys so that u have economical trip..do have extra cash while u at the island..something might captured ur eyes ;)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today i would to share something that attract my sense ;)..
I would like to review about the beverage i had take for the past few years

Barbican tremendous drink that i had, usually loacated at Arabic restaurant and i usually garb it at Andalus,Castle, and Saaba..u guys should try it ;)

This fav old time drink known well at Us..the taste a lil bit similiar with 7up and mostly Kickapo

Last Ahmad Tea..natural and refreshing tea bags inside the boxes ;)..better than lipton and Boh for me ;)