Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Klue Urbanscape 2010

It was a exciting day for us as we attend Urbanscape 2010 held at Kl pac sentul..
As usually our group head to sentul by car massive jam we faced at the entrance as the group of people moving on a traditional house from somewhere(not sure)
to KL pac...its a new event held by Klue as an attraction and a way to preserve our culture evendoe its a modern life style..
Then we went straight to the air-con building to cool up our self as the time show 12.30 noon..u can imagine how was the weather outside..
Then we meet some of our friends from IIUM and other relatives..

We went to the lawn to watch live performers such as Liyana Fizi, Yuna, and etc..
Below are few pic that i managed to snap during their performence ;)

Then at nite we entertain ourself by moshing around when Bitterwsweet start rock'n the stage...follow by the most undeniedable band Couple ( legend ) ahha for me...
ever year at Urbanscape i will definetaly going wild with my frends..

p/s = No image managed to captured ;)

Then at 12.30 we went to the mamak had our supper and discuss what should we do the rest of night...conclusion Genting here we come

We arrived at Genting bout 2 a.m....taking few pic as a must ;) then we had our coffee at McD and for sure expensive there compare at Kl..
Then 7 a.m all of us move from Genting..Fogging become our major problems

Adam & Shikin

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Supras Supras

Nothing to display ;)
just snap few pic of Supra
Lettig go the skytop 2 for rm650