Monday, May 2, 2011

Bandung Day 4

The 4th day is my day to search my aim..GUITAR..for ur info the price at Bandung are way cheaper than KL and no wonder my friend every time went to Bandung he will buy it..First stop to Genta house ..only expensive guitar provide there like Taylor's,Brunswick and the most is ulele guitar ..of of them is Yamaha.. i like it but off by budjet..

The next stop as given by the driver is here i found what i want..i recommend this shop as it offer variety of guitar + discount as i been givin 20% and makes me happy with the price..After testing some of the guitar i decided to buy Yamaha FX310..the price? half way from Malaysia..

Then we off to Rumah Tas to buy luggage to bring back all the things that we shop at Bandung..Variety of handbags and bags to be choose..

Then we decide to had our lunch at Simpang Raya ..a famous Minang Nasi Padang restaurant..quiet expensive compare to others..around IDR 140,000 fpr three person set..

We continue our day by visiting Gedung Sate nearby Padjadjaran University..

Having our dinner at Pizza Hut as bored eating "Nasi"...Lots of different between Malaysia..Price? Much cheaper than our lunch today..IDR 120,00 .Back to Rumah Tawa to pack all the stuff for tomorow.


aehknum said...
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aehknum said...

hey how much is the yamaha guitar that you bought in bandung? whats the price in RM? and how much is taylor's there? any takamine?