Sunday, December 5, 2010

4 December 10

Went to Ipoh once again with Afie to attend Farahain sis wedding at GR..departed from Putra Heigth at 9 a.m ...Massive jam as we approach Rawang rest area to fill up the gas..We arrived Ipoh at is early to attend this weds so we decided to walk across the road while waiting 12 noon.

Then we eat and greets by her mom and wait Farahain while she company her sis to make up..we spent hour an a half by meet the groom and friends..then we straight ahead to Ampang to attend Hafiz sis wedding..As we arrived Kl head to Duke and MRR2 we stuck in the jam.After a while we arrived at Hafiz house around 15 minute to 4..we chat along as our friends from Uia already there..

We decided to watch a movie at Wangsa Walk...on the way Fuudin canceled and me and Afie dont know what to do..then we tried called our friend Nadz..Luckly she said that she is free and at Klcc..then we meet up at Klcc..searching good stuff and had our dinner at Fish Manhattan and had a wonderful evening with lots of story..

Then we sent Nadz to Wangsa Walk and went back to Putra Height..In the middle Shah Alam Afie relaize that Nadz forget her handphone at the back..Then I met Nadz at Alamanda and went home by 11.30..That is my wekeend story ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Broga Hill

Last Saturday me and my mates went off to Broga u guys know Broga provide a wonderful scenery most for photographers and nature lover to visit on.As all of us start our journey from Gombak..we deicide to stop first at Danau Kota as the time show 12 a.m..still early to hike the hill..after we walk at the uptown we went to Red Chair to had our supper..while waiting another group we chat and laugh as always..

Then we ahead to Broga...we arrived at Broga around 4.30 a.m..searching parking in the middle of somewhere without light source make our heart more excited to hike the hill..the first 3 cars prepared as another group will join us another 30 minute...we decide to start the journey first to catch the sunrise..

We reached at the peak around 5.30 a.m..we thought we among the first to arrived but most of the hiker already arrived early ..our bad..imagine the place full of people in the middle of the dark...Then as usual we started to set up our apparatus to snap few pic as a memory..

Unfortunately all of us cant managed to see the sunrise clearly as the sunrise appear back of our view...we spend our time at the hill till 9.30 a.m and went to Tekala to refresh up our body full with mud and sweat ;)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Syawal at Ipoh

Last few weeks ago me and my peeps went to Ipoh to celebrate our syawal mode...It all start when I give a plan either to go to Malacca or Ipoh..Mr Koala suggest to go to Ipoh seems that we never been there by car..the journey start when i came to Afie house at 9 am and pick up him as we a head to serdang to fetch up Adib..

We stop for a moment at Sg Buloh r&r to had our branch...we started the journey at 10.30 am and arrived Ipoh at 12.30 pm..We straight foward to state mosque to had our lunch...the usual place for us to eat..

Then we went to Farahain house at Kampung Ampang..we were greet by herself and mom and lil sis..then we had our high tea at her fullfill the time we decide to go to the (i dont know the cave name ) cave.We managed to take few shots there.We visit Nashriq house and had few choclate moist.. Then went to Ipoh parade...

I called my friend Wanie and managed to meet her at Mcd Gunung Rapat.. a short meet with interesting story as she started to tell her story...As time near 10.30 we decide to leave Ipoh although its a short visit it captured our memory ..

Me and Adib decide to stay at Afie house ...12.00 am we had our dinner at Afie house..

The next day just me and Adib continue our journey as Adib decide to meet Nadz to get his tart cookies made by Nadz sister.We meet up at a open house held by Nadz friend Fatin..saving our money we had our lunch there evendoe not invited by Fatin ( Thx a lot )..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MTV Worldstage 2010

As u guys know last saturday Mtv worldstage been held once again at Sunway Lagoon with four lineup Bunkface,Wondergirls,Tokio Hotel and Katy Perry..Its my first time attending Mtv worldstage as the difficulties to get the ticket's (thanks Mr Koala)for the ticket..

All of us gathered at Sunway Lagoon (infront MOS) and had our high tea at the mamak's...Then we lineup at the front entrance of Sunway Lagoon ...miss the weather forecast..the rain fall down heavily as huge of crowd still que to entered...

We managed to get our Poncho's and wear it ...The event started at 6 as Bunkface intro the event..As Wondergirls smash the stage at 8 o'clock...Awesome dude...follow by Tokio Hotel and the climax is when Katy Perry hit the mic with the first song California Girls...Wondergirls performance once again as a gift to the crowd with Nobodys end up the nite...

Then we had our dinner at Sri Bidara and started to plan what to do for the rest of the nite..then we decide to go Malacca...

We arrived at Malacca at 6.30 a.m and when straight to Masjid Negeri..after that we went to a friends of us house nearby the Immigrasion..then we straight ahead to Lendu to meet our pal Nadz...

As we guest its difficult to entered Uitm as the strict procedure..then we went to Jusco to had our lunch...We move from Lendu at 1.30 pm...and arrived Gombak at 3.00pm..Thanks Nadz for the lunch and the cute J.Co.. :)