Friday, April 16, 2010

Journey to Sabah..

I'm back from a long vacation, this time Sabah is my destination..I departed from Klia on 8th April and back on 13th..Its my second time being there as this time i went with my him while his attend a seminar..My flight depart on 5.30 pm and land on 8 pm.Then we check in at Promenade Hotel not Sutera Harbour

The next day i went to the town and back on 12p.m to prepared Friday prayer..a lil bit awkward as the time at Sabah is same butthe prayer time is much earlier then Semenanjung.Then after the prayer i had my luch at the hotel..that evening i walked aroud the mall and searching for my interest..

On the Saturday i went to Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and went to Tuaran had our branch. Cocunut water and Longan Bakar chill up my journey that noon..Then i head to Kota Belud to visit my relative there..the interesting part is that..we had a tremendous and delicious lunch such as deep fried Tiger Prawn,Lobster and thing u guys have to know bout Sabah is the price for fish ,prawn and etc are quiet way cheaper than Semenanjung thats why the main attraction to Sabah is bout buying fresh seafood.

That evening i went to Kampung Buah pandai a fisherman known the scenery caotured my sight i most touched seeing how difficult the villager in the rural..unpavement road, up hill roads, without fresh water source i admit that how thank i am living in a most fulfill infrastructer..then i meet Mr Jurin a fisherman and selling salt fished, my relatives tell that his son want to proceed his studies in Nursing at Uitm Kota Kinabalu and ask the help of my dad...quiet a kind and warm family :)

On Sunday i went to the market known locally as Tamu..a place where all the seller meet from all over the district and selling their captured or anything..its my first experience as Tamu only available on Sunday..then i went to 1 Borneo the largest mall at the Borbneo..similiar as Pavilion like that..

On Monday we had a trip to Kudat the northest part in Borneo..a 3 hour journey by bus make me sleepy and bored me..Bout 12 am we reached our destination..Simpang Mengayau the tip of borneo..if u see the Sabah map it located at the top..The scenery was so beautiful..Then we went to the Rungus Rumah Panjang and i learn few new things about the culture and tradition of their tribe..Then we went to the bee farm where the original honey are produce..

The last day of my trip to Sabah comes to the end..leaving Kota Kinabalu airport on 5.30 and arrived safely at KLIA on 8 pm. That is the last holiday i had before i entered Gombak doing my shortsem classes ;)...will travel next semester break ;)

Homemade Softbox i think...

Without nothing to do i grab my cam and start to make my own softbox using diffuser and my speedlight.Quiet basicly what i get..just showing few sample of the result...