Sunday, December 5, 2010

4 December 10

Went to Ipoh once again with Afie to attend Farahain sis wedding at GR..departed from Putra Heigth at 9 a.m ...Massive jam as we approach Rawang rest area to fill up the gas..We arrived Ipoh at is early to attend this weds so we decided to walk across the road while waiting 12 noon.

Then we eat and greets by her mom and wait Farahain while she company her sis to make up..we spent hour an a half by meet the groom and friends..then we straight ahead to Ampang to attend Hafiz sis wedding..As we arrived Kl head to Duke and MRR2 we stuck in the jam.After a while we arrived at Hafiz house around 15 minute to 4..we chat along as our friends from Uia already there..

We decided to watch a movie at Wangsa Walk...on the way Fuudin canceled and me and Afie dont know what to do..then we tried called our friend Nadz..Luckly she said that she is free and at Klcc..then we meet up at Klcc..searching good stuff and had our dinner at Fish Manhattan and had a wonderful evening with lots of story..

Then we sent Nadz to Wangsa Walk and went back to Putra Height..In the middle Shah Alam Afie relaize that Nadz forget her handphone at the back..Then I met Nadz at Alamanda and went home by 11.30..That is my wekeend story ;)