Sunday, November 14, 2010

Broga Hill

Last Saturday me and my mates went off to Broga u guys know Broga provide a wonderful scenery most for photographers and nature lover to visit on.As all of us start our journey from Gombak..we deicide to stop first at Danau Kota as the time show 12 a.m..still early to hike the hill..after we walk at the uptown we went to Red Chair to had our supper..while waiting another group we chat and laugh as always..

Then we ahead to Broga...we arrived at Broga around 4.30 a.m..searching parking in the middle of somewhere without light source make our heart more excited to hike the hill..the first 3 cars prepared as another group will join us another 30 minute...we decide to start the journey first to catch the sunrise..

We reached at the peak around 5.30 a.m..we thought we among the first to arrived but most of the hiker already arrived early ..our bad..imagine the place full of people in the middle of the dark...Then as usual we started to set up our apparatus to snap few pic as a memory..

Unfortunately all of us cant managed to see the sunrise clearly as the sunrise appear back of our view...we spend our time at the hill till 9.30 a.m and went to Tekala to refresh up our body full with mud and sweat ;)