Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Syawal at Ipoh

Last few weeks ago me and my peeps went to Ipoh to celebrate our syawal mode...It all start when I give a plan either to go to Malacca or Ipoh..Mr Koala suggest to go to Ipoh seems that we never been there by car..the journey start when i came to Afie house at 9 am and pick up him as we a head to serdang to fetch up Adib..

We stop for a moment at Sg Buloh r&r to had our branch...we started the journey at 10.30 am and arrived Ipoh at 12.30 pm..We straight foward to state mosque to had our lunch...the usual place for us to eat..

Then we went to Farahain house at Kampung Ampang..we were greet by herself and mom and lil sis..then we had our high tea at her house..to fullfill the time we decide to go to the (i dont know the cave name ) cave.We managed to take few shots there.We visit Nashriq house and had few choclate moist.. Then went to Ipoh parade...

I called my friend Wanie and managed to meet her at Mcd Gunung Rapat.. a short meet with interesting story as she started to tell her story...As time near 10.30 we decide to leave Ipoh although its a short visit it captured our memory ..

Me and Adib decide to stay at Afie house ...12.00 am we had our dinner at Afie house..

The next day just me and Adib continue our journey as Adib decide to meet Nadz to get his tart cookies made by Nadz sister.We meet up at a open house held by Nadz friend Fatin..saving our money we had our lunch there evendoe not invited by Fatin ( Thx a lot )..