Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Lovely Weekend

My friends and i went to Port Dickson last Sunday with my friends (Yaz) for the last weekend hang out with her before she fly to Adelaide, Australia on 10th February..As i arrived last at BTS i been asked by Ossay to drive all way back to Pd and Kl (kononye punishment)..Its my first time driving a Kelisa and quite cool for a small car that have a good acceleration..Entering Pd around 1.30..we head to the restaurant at Teluk Kemang to full our stomach..After had our lunch...we walk and we walk as the sun reach the maximum heat..Then we bought ice cream scope for us as a desert..

Then we went to the other beaches and park our ride...in the way..we saw a Cendol stall and decide to try...I had my cendol with Ossay and Afie and Yaz had their ABC..its a mouthwatering for us as we bought keropok lekor and sat under the tree at the beach...suddenly a group of boys stalker us and intend to flirt at Yaz and make us annoyed..suddenly we reach out an idea to have a conversation about boys and girls feeling..And at the end we figure out the solution that for now on its not the time to have a partner and its time to makes friends and one day its true that we will find the perfect match for us...

We went to the "Jetty" a abandon one that no one there..we snap few pic there as the sun goes down..such a wonderful evening we spend with...Then we straight back to Kl and we arrived at Pj around 7.15...Such a sad farewell but we decide to see Yaz on Wednesday to meet her at the airport..see u there Yaz ;)

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