Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Intechss Annual Grand Dinner

Last week on 30th January, i've attend the Agd for intechss at Restaurant Nelayan Titiwangsa...its the first time i went first most of the student argue bout the place that already book by the junior...usually Agd held at hotels or formal places but for our Agd its tottaly different...Me and ossay arrived late around 8.15 bet that the events start late..unfortunately the vip already arrived early than us..quiet impress..:)..then after w while the program start...apa lagi...makan la after that...a little bit awkkward for me as its my first time at Nelayan..the overall food quite good and worth it for the rm30 price..As usual ..picture some of the pic..sorry x sempat shoot girls pic ahhha ;)..


cik EPAL said...

asal gambar aku tak ada??

aku memang tak pergi pon...haha :D

maslinamansor said...

selamat berbloging... :)

♥cutebabygirl♥ said...

1st time singgah sini ;)