Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For the last Goodbye...

A warm evening at the KLIA as me and ossay with our roomates arrived..We arrived around 8 and head to the departure terminal...quite crowded when we went to the second gate...a huge of people of family ,relatives and friends that cross my mind those who will fly with Yaz my friend.,unfortunately its a mistake...the group is among of the Jpa or Cimb scholarship student..we moved to the end of the terminal and at last we find Yaz and Afie with ajiel n itah..then we had a conversation while waiting Yaz family settle down Visa problem...Then all of us follow her to the gate as the time reach 9.25 and the last call for the flight...have a safe journey my friends ;)
may Allah bless ur journey in searching knowledge ;)...farewell my friends


fadh said...

haipp !
thanx 4 being my fOllowers !

Shykin said...

hi..nice folo awk..sudi2lah kiranya :)