Saturday, January 9, 2010


Last friday, i went out to see my new fellowmate in photography that is Zuraneeza a.k.a COMBI. It's the second meeting for me and this time she spoke out all about the Love Guru in photography. Fyi, she is a Unisel student taking Diploma in Photography. Our meeting place just mamak nearby her house then after few hours chatting along with my pal Eqmal, three of us went to the Tasik Cempaka Bangi and had our tutorial handle by her. She is quite akward with us but after a while we getting warm, instead all the new knowledge she give to us, make us more confident in facing our next job that is shooting for weddings and others.The cloudy clouds make us difficult to snap the shaded picture.After a hour we all went home as the day rain. Its a new experience dealing with her and i really appriciate it. A thousand of thank you to u COMBI.

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