Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday

Approching my 20's birtday, me and my roomate ossay and shadeeq when out to kl after friday prayer.Then we went to pavi to grab some movie ticket after a long time didnt hangout together.Sherlock Holmes....what a movie...nice story plot but quiet fast certain part, the idea of the story for me is termendous.

Continue our day, we went to setiwangsa and meet our friends ajiel and his gf itah.Then we straight to brj and fulling our tummy.To complete our overnite mission,we went to downtown cheras,then to kdu and lastly to putrajaya.Around 6 something we arrived at our college ( flying through the bricks).

To celebrate my first there are no celebration or any occasion...i received a call from my junior, syirin around 9 plus and asking to join her with other friends to ou.

Around 2 i met syirin,nanie,muiz,and thier friends at the foodcourt.Archade (House of dead 4 for nanie and syirin),then attend the karoke box then a table of pool.Quiet nice hanging around with them...before we dismiss...a delight evening hightea at subway remains my memory as a birthday gift...thanks nanie for the sandwich and the soft drinks.

Overall, a simple gathering with them fill up my day.Thx syirin and nanie ;)

You guys the best ;)

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