Sunday, January 10, 2010


It's SAY STRAIGHT EDGE is the ability to do without,It's an important foundation in our ideology. In a system completely dependent on intoxication. Straight edge cannot be other thing than a weapon of political and social resistance. The common pattern that I find a tremendous effort that this system does hide from myself. You'll find it in the advertisement, trying to push unto products that we dont need, where people learn to be parrots and monkeys, just imitating, just speaking words out their mouths, words are completely disregard with the now days social-political environment. Who is completely free of all the prejudices we learned since our childhood? Who is completely free of all the political, religious, moral patterns that this society instilled us? who can say that is completely drug free? of course we are concern about the physical drugs like Tobacco, alcohol, heroin, coccain and even sugar or chocolate. Straightede is not a status, nor a moment. Instead it is a Revolutionary process. It begins with the need and the awareness to give up all the common drugs and upgrade into a stage where you start to realize that you are not only dependant on those things.I say Straight edge is political because of many issues,the world is being burned in every corner at the speed of a light, Sxe is for every suffering that being on this planet that needs our help, Sxe is Politics for every indigenous land that are rape by drug dealers and government that dont care a single bit about their culture lives, Sxe is politics when animals are being murdered in a mass-scale, In a slaughterhouse, In vivisection labs,cicuses,zoo.Sxe is Politics we are consuming endlessly, working more, living less and giving into the insanity. Being poor is a crime. in this man made hell, Government wants poor people out of sight so they can have more wealth and have more spaces to infect this world with their corporate industry like Carlsberg, Marlboro, Mcdonalds.Its a shame we called terrorist to the people who do not wait and take up guns to fight the constant oppression of their government and security agencies. Alot of people cannot wait for change in the conscience of humanity.Sxe is politics industries like oils,drugs,guns and meat clothing you name it are all friends of government and kings they will step on who they decide it's on their way.The earth is being ravaged by machines that built to destroy this paradise.No more we will want to hear children screaming at night, no more will we want to hear the desperate agony of our beloved brothers and sisters because of this man's greed. No more we will tolerate the unjust system of wage slavery that rapes our lives whenever they want in every tax,toll's and policemen.No more we will tolerate the ecosystems to pay for furtile luxury made by the greedy capitalist machine.

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